Question Club


Might you notice from these words that this is a club for those who recognize how little they know, and seek to learn precisely how much less they know?


Is it not true that the human mind learns new knowledge from forming words into questions of what it does not know, rather than statements of what it already knows?

Might therefore a person who is wisely seeking to learn more knowledge, to include that of how little he knows, speak and write only in questions, while a less thinking person makes statements, using that time to stagnate his knowledge with what he already knows?

What is your mind's normal reaction to a question, in contrast to a statement?

Might a club of persons wise in that regard meet to converse only in questions?

Considering the time required to form and express an effective question of new knowledge, and the time required to form and express an accurate answer in the form of a question, otherwise described as thinking, would not such a meeting seem to be the zenith of boredom to those whose minds were not self-trained in the skill and patience of efficiently learning new knowledge?

Would not such a meeting involve longer periods of thinking between the asking of each next question, therein facilitating the enjoyment of gourmet food, exquisite wine, fine cigars, single malt scotch and any such preference of poisons that aide thinking?

In that the words "yes" and "no" are of such efficient utility as answers to questions for the purpose of forming the next questions, might the statements, "yes" and "no" be tolerated as statements by the Question Club members?

Might not otherwise an occasional longer statement as an answer be of utility, with suitably expressed embarrassment for such a hasty response, and forgiven if not offered too often?

Would it be reasonable to establish the membership qualification as being the claim of membership, or a person's question of why he would not be recognized as a member, in that a challenge would require an expressed command of asking effective questions to verify or disprove membership at that moment?

Would not an adequate meeting location be 1957 Weston Drive, Fairbanks Alaska, or anywhere else in the world that the members could afford or acquire travel funding to meet?

Until there is a suggestion for a better scheduled or shorter-notice meeting time desired by a few club members, is not the first Sunday of each month, perhaps starting at 6:PM Alaska time, adequate for a meeting schedule?

Would not members most enjoy arriving with said gourmet food and selection of imbiberies, as well as good humor and an appreciation for laughing?

In that the local Alaskans are a bit more physically active between their questions of how they survived some of that activity, would it not be logical to call or email the Club Headquarters to ascertain if the next meeting is on schedule?

Is not the knowledge of the universe available for the asking, if effective questions are formed by the mind?


Would you not be able to ask a club member any question, and he would respond with the most accurate answer his mind can devise? If you could identify any contradiction in his words, and the contradiction could be verified, easily done with a few questions, then would the resolution of the contradiction not be easy, conforming to logic, and he would thank you for your having advanced his knowledge?


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